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Pressure Cooker French Fries Unfortunately, you still can’t fry in your pressure cooker. But what you can do is pre-cook your french fries in your pressure cooker (using a secret ingredient) then either shallow or deep fry them in far less time. Your fries will be fully cooked (no more raw centers), crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside, they’ll stay crispy, and they’ll even be tasty at room temperature. See the recipe

7 Responses to Home

  • YUM!! These look so great – pinned them on YG!

  • Ron Baughman says:

    Great looking fries. Still having problems with the Pinterest link, but went ahead and pinned this one to my own board. Happy Cooking :smile:

  • Hi Ron, thanks for letting me know about the problem with the “Follow on Pinterest” option to the left. I believe I have resolved the problem, and I believe I’ve heard back from you that you’ve been able to now follow. Thank you for your interest, and try the fries, they’re pretty darn good! ;D

  • Ron Baughman says:

    I will. My spouse loves potatoes. And those made her mouth water. :) Also pinned it. Great job!

  • Mark Preston says:

    If you are the original poster about Sanborn’s Enchiladas Suizas recipe at eGullet, I have provided an addendum to the post at the bottom of:

    • Yes, that was me! That was so kind of you to post the addendum on your blog to address my questions. Given that I live in Los Angeles, you’re right, my chances of getting “fresh, warm, right out of the cow” milk to ferment are pretty low, but I had already consulted my father again after the eGullet discussion, and he’s now saying well yes, maybe the enchiladas suizas did have tomatillo in them after all.

      So after reviewing your recipe (I was especially intrigued by your use of sesame and pumpkin seeds), I made sure I had all the ingredients stocked up in my pantry. I probably won’t get to it until after the holidays, but I’m definitely looking forward to making your recipe, and dad is definitely looking forward to eating it!

  • I added a link to your site in my post on pressure cooker resources. Thanks for leaving me a comment during my pressure cooker week.

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